Month: April 2017

  • Low Clouds

    Low Clouds

        Low clouds today, clouds that seem so close to the ground I could reach out and touch them.  I can’t of course, but they seemed within reach.  It’s sometimes deceptive to live on an island—distances appear distorted and confusing.  One minute I’m able to see cars pass on the mainland; the next I […]

  • Wrapping a Gift

    Wrapping a Gift

        I wrapped a birthday gift for a friend today, and wanted something special with which to decorate it.  I thought of lavish bows or artificial flowers, but they lacked appeal.  Suddenly my eyes fell on today’s stash of sea shells; their beauty and grace captivated me.  I glued them on the wrapped package, […]

  • Ruts


      Today’s beach walk was difficult—soft sand offered no resistance to my feet.  With each step my feet deepened in the sand, and I had to pull myself free.  I missed the hard sand of low tide when my feet meet firm footing.  My life is often like that; I sink into a rut from […]

  • Perfection


      This morning I found a perfect sand dollar on the beach, whole and unblemished.  Such finds are rare for me, because waves can be brutal and crush the fragile shell.  When we walk on the beach and find a partially fragmented sand dollar, we joke that it’s only worth fifty cents or a quarter, […]

  • Favorite Hymns

    Favorite Hymns

       At church today we sang some of my favorite hymns, ones I remember best from childhood.  More and more I find myself recalling these old hymns.  They remain deeply rooted in my memory, like the wooden stake that sticks out of the ocean when the water level is low.  It marks a spot where […]

  • Wedding Joy

    Wedding Joy

      A wedding party drove past our house this afternoon, with horns blaring, a car decorated, and happy shouts of laughter I could hear from my porch chair.  I found myself smiling, as most do when they see a wedding party.  Many couples choose the beach as a locale for their weddings, so seeing this […]

  • Dolphin’s Leap

    Dolphin’s Leap

      Today as I walked on the beach, I watched a dolphin leap into the air, his body forming a perfect arc against blue sea and blue sky.  As he splashed back to earth, tiny droplets hung suspended, as if in awe of what had occurred.  Lucky dolphin, creature both of water and air.  We […]

  • Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom

      Ouch!  Another sonic boom, unleashed by the nearby air force base.  The house shakes and rattles on its columns, and in my mind’s eye I see new cracks appear on the walls, cracks that are visual manifestations of the broken sound barrier.  I think of how sound alone can rip and tear, how voices […]

  • Sun’s Trail

    Sun’s Trail

      What an incredible companion is the sun!  It begins my morning in an aptly named ‘sun room’—perfect in the winter months to bring the morning’s first light.  Without fanfare or hoopla, it moves slowly, due south, illuminating the brightest hours of the late morning and midday.  Softly, slowly, the sun slips into the western […]

  • Eagles’ Cries

    Eagles’ Cries

      Eagles nest in a tree that belongs to my neighbor.  While the aerie is difficult to see, the sounds made by the eagles are all too audible.  They quarrel all day long, picking fights over bits of fish or crabs, angry over one’s dominance of the nest, resentful of authority or nesting privileges. I […]