Day: April 26, 2017



Today’s beach walk was difficult—soft sand offered no resistance to my feet.  With each step my feet deepened in the sand, and I had to pull myself free.  I missed the hard sand of low tide when my feet meet firm footing.  My life is often like that; I sink into a rut from which it’s difficult to extricate myself.  There are so many ‘rut inducing’ temptations—food, TV, gossip.  I tell myself that I can easily be free, but it becomes more and more difficult as I’m implanted into the soft ruts of life.  With each step habits deepen and my walk becomes slower and slower.  Forgive me, Father, I need your help.  Please grant me the firm strength of your word so that I can resume my walk along your path.  Help raise me from the soft sands of temptation so I can walk once again with you. Amen.