Month: August 2017

  • One Leg or Two?

    One Leg or Two?

    Sometimes the birds I encounter on my beach walk hop on one leg, as if they’re wounded.  At first I was concerned for the birds I saw hopping this way, and followed them closely until they lowered the remaining leg and ran or flew normally.  I wonder why they move so awkwardly on one leg […]

  • Aging


    As I grow older, I find my body and I are too often in conflict.  I want it to do those things I once took for granted; my body rebels, telling me it can no longer perform those tasks, carry out those demands as it did in the past.  I grow angry at its failure, […]

  • Is That All?

    Is That All?

    I was once with a friend who had never seen the ocean before.  Excited by the prospect of leading her to the beach and sharing the moment of discover with her, I was disheartened to hear her reaction, “Is this all?  I somehow expected it would be bigger!” I felt deflated.  The water extended as […]

  • Beautiful Music from Broken Shells

    Beautiful Music from Broken Shells

    The waves were very high today, causing the seashells just off the shore to rub and jostle one another.  They make a pleasant sound, almost musical as they bump and mingle, tumbling together.  Most are broken fragments, but that only adds to their song; in fact, those shells that are perfect and whole seem to […]

  • Treasure Chest

    Treasure Chest

    A friend visits yard sales, collecting heaps of old jewelry, most of it cheap and out of style.  When children come to visit for the first time, he builds a rough chest, fills it with the jewelry and chocolate coins, and buries it in the sandy beach before his house.  Then he fashions a crudely […]

  • Dark Beauty

    Dark Beauty

    There are some deep, swampy pools on the island, places of dark water and exotic plants, pools where logs lie against the pool’s rim, and the air smells thick and filled with lush growth.  When I approach these pools, I hear things slither and splash in escape.  I know that most people avoid such places, […]

  • Forever Changing

    Forever Changing

    Visitors to the island sometimes ask me if I grow weary of the seascape which surrounds me, if perhaps it begins to pall with familiarity.  My answer is always the same, “Never!”  Each day’s sunrise, each morning’s cloud bank over the horizon, each afternoon’s heat or rain or chill, each evening sun’s race to departure […]

  • Barnacles


    Our dock juts out into the bay, and when we pull up a rope that holds a float, I find it covered with barnacles.  I’m always surprised at how quickly they accumulate, these tenacious creatures who cement themselves to a foundation they’ve deemed sturdy.  The rope isn’t sturdy, of course, and so they’re pulled out […]

  • I Told You So!

    I Told You So!

    When guests come to visit the island, they rush to the gulf, wanting to see the ocean.  Off they go, wearing bathing suits, carrying towels and beach toys, beach chairs, cool drinks, and pads on which to lie.  I warn them of the FL sun and its potency.  We keep sun screen on hand for […]

  • A Perfect Shell

    A Perfect Shell

    In many of the island shops, there are bins and baskets of seashells, beautiful specimens, most collected elsewhere, shipped here, and offered for sale.  I examine them carefully, noting they are sometimes much larger and more perfect than the shells I find on this island beach.  But then I wonder—is the shell really separate from […]