Day: November 22, 2017

Murky WaterMurky Water

The waves were rough last night, and this morning the water was muddy and murky.  Usually I can see small fish gather, recognize crabs and skates at the waves’ edge, but this morning the visibility was so limited I could distinguish nothing.  The turbulence of the waves had stirred up the ocean’s bottom, clouding its water.  How much like my own life!  Sometimes I think I can see clearly into my future, identify plans and goals, recognize paths to select.  Other times, when my heart is troubled, the turbulence affects even my to envision the next day—sometimes even the next hour.   Nothing is very clear, and I feel as if I’m staring forever into murky water.  It is then, Lord, I need you beside me more than ever, helping me trust your guidance and your love.  Forgive me when I choose to see only the opaque water; help me remember your vision is always clear, your path for me unclouded and your love never changing.  Help me walk beside murky waters trusting you completely. Amen.