Month: February 2018

  • Appearances are Deceiving

    Appearances are Deceiving

    I walked today on the beach with a friend who wears shoes because of foot problems. When a cliff began to line the water’s edge and the tide was rising, she tried to climb the sand to stay dry. The sand collapsed and she fell forward. While she wasn’t hurt, my friend was shocked. “ […]

  • Beauty of Bubbles

    Beauty of Bubbles

    The upturned shell held foam bubbles that glistened in the sun with every color imaginable, iridescent and shimmering. Each bubble was separated and yet connected, sharing an inner membrane, as if part of a whole and still independent. I stood above the shell, watching the colors move across the spectrum as the light played over […]

  • A Higher Vision

    A Higher Vision

    My house is set high on stilts as protection from hurricanes. At first I found it odd living up high, as if I had a nest in the treetops and looked down on the ground from above. Now I’ve come to love my high perch and the perspective it provides. I can watch birds at […]

  • One Piece of Shell

    One Piece of Shell

    When I walk on the beach at the water’s edge, I sometimes see an object just ahead in the surf. When I reach the spot, I discover it’s a piece of shell sticking out of the sand, just one, solitary shell. And yet, that one shell has deflected the water, creating a small barrier, and […]

  • Vanishing Markers

    Vanishing Markers

    Usually when I walk a particular section of the beach, I strive for a specific point, a broken trunk of palm tree for instance, and then reverse my walk home. Today as I walked, I couldn’t locate the broken tree; apparently yesterday’s high tide and heavy waves had moved it elsewhere on the beach. For […]

  • A New Shell

    A New Shell

    This morning I found a shell I’d never seen before in this area.  I brought it home carefully in the palm of my hand, set it down gently, and went off to locate it in my shell book.  It was a denuded sea urchin, a lovely pale pink globe with raised white dots that look […]

  • Don’t Touch!

    Don’t Touch!

    Today, early in the morning, I approached an unfamiliar object on the beach, just above the water line. Its label warned that it was dangerous, phosphorous-filled, and should not be touched. The finder was asked to notify the police or military. The discovery saddened me. In the midst of so much serene beauty, under skies […]

  • A Sheltering Cloud

    A Sheltering Cloud

    The temperature is rising, the sand is hot on my feet, and the sun beats down on my head. I try to plod on in the shallows, keeping my feet as wet and cool as possible. Suddenly a cloud covers the sun; the temperature seems to drop a few degrees, and my eyes feel a […]