Day: February 27, 2018

Appearances are DeceivingAppearances are Deceiving

I walked today on the beach with a friend who wears shoes because of foot problems. When a cliff began to line the water’s edge and the tide was rising, she tried to climb the sand to stay dry. The sand collapsed and she fell forward. While she wasn’t hurt, my friend was shocked. “ I thought the sand would hold me!” she said in surprise as she dusted the sand from herself. “ It looked so solid!” I thought to myself of all the worldly foundations that look solid, foundations which appear to offer security and safety. Possessions, money, social standing, professional skills, intelligence—all these appear to be strong and sturdy. We rely on them so quickly and easily, until we find ourselves, like my friend, flat on the ground. I thank you, Lord, for the security and safety of your love, your promises, and your continued presence in my life. Please help me place my trust in your shore foundation. Amen.