Month: March 2018

  • Pam Tullous Teaches Popular Series of Computer Classes at SGIUMC

    Pam Tullous Teaches Popular Series of Computer Classes at SGIUMC

    Not every church is lucky enough to count an experienced IT trainer as a member, much less an expert willing to share such valuable knowledge for free. SGIUMC is blessed on both counts. Before beginning a very busy retirement, Pam Tullous was the Lead IT Training Specialist for Patton Boggs LLP. Since moving to St. […]

  • God’s Place

    God’s Place

    I was born and raised in a large city, its designs imposed by humans. Paved streets, curbs and sidewalks marked by play boundaries. The garden was a small plot maintained by my father whose roses required constant intervention. At night I listened to city sounds—fire sirens, ambulances, distant trains, traffic, and squealing brakes. All of […]

  • Dunes and Churches

    Dunes and Churches

    Absent of their greenery, the dune fences become more visible now. They help stabilize the beach, capturing blowing grains of sand and piling them as a barrier to flood surges. Like small picket fences, they are strategically placed to align perpendicularly to the prevailing winds, maximizing their ability to retain the sand whipped by gusts […]

  • A Gift in the Seaweed

    A Gift in the Seaweed

    As we walked on the beach this morning, my husband spotted a lure caught in seaweed. He picked it up, carefully removed the debris from the multiple hooks, and decided it was worth keeping. What a treasure—to find something on the beach that would have cost money to purchase—to find it there free for the […]

  • A Breeze’s Touch

    A Breeze’s Touch

    As I write this, seated alone in my room, a breeze plays over me from the open window. It isn’t a continual presence, but small puffs, gusts, and eddies that cool me. The breeze is scented with pine resin, with flowers that bloom on the porch, with the thickness of warm bay water under a […]

  • Empty Calls

    Empty Calls

    Just before morning’s light, a whip-poor-will settles in the tree outside my window and begins his monotonous “whip-poor-will” cry. Again and again, breaking the stillness of the night, I hear his plaintive call. He never varies its pitch or rhythm—just the same notes repeated, echoing. Sometimes I worry that my prayer life resembles the monotonous […]

  • Breakfast on the Beach

    Breakfast on the Beach

    I smelled something cooking when I walked this morning. I came upon a family breakfasting on the beach, the scent of frying bacon like a beacon in the morning dimness. I thought of the attraction of eating beside the ocean, of feeding both body and mind with the peace and rhythm of the waves. Jesus […]

  • Oops!


    I had to laugh this morning. A sand cliff had built up along the water’s edge, and a bird tried to hop to its crest. He was almost at the top when the sand crumbled and he tripped. He turned his head to glance over his shoulder, apparently wondering if I’d seen his clumsiness. How […]