Month: May 2018

  • Silent Gulls

    Silent Gulls

    Today I passed a mixed group of gulls sitting in the sand, each staring at the sea. They barely moved as I approached, continuing their concentrated gaze, only stepping back a few paces. Why were they all studying the sea, I wondered, and what thoughts were going through their minds? There was no attempt at […]

  • Sound of the Waves

    Sound of the Waves

    In the still of the night, the sound of the waves seems exaggerated, crashing on the shore, rolling along the coast, breaking in a rhythmic crescendo. When the routine noises of the day are hushed, I can hear the waves more clearly, trace their regular arrival on the beach. It’s interesting how the surf can […]

  • Together By the Sea

    Together By the Sea

    As the island empties in the growing darkness of autumn, my mind considers other seashores, other ages, other lives. I think about the Sea of Galilee and what it must have been like for Christ to walk beside the sea in those days. We’re told he went up into the hills to pray and perhaps […]

  • Fire Alert!

    Fire Alert!

    We desperately need rain on the island. Each day the fire danger increases, and at night I smell wisps of smoke from fires burning on the mainland. Neighbors have bushwhacked their property, hoping to eliminate dry brush before a fire approaches. Warning signs are posted everywhere and the evening news carries reports on fire status. […]

  • Warning!


    A warm spell has sparked the interest of biting flies on the beach. Landing on bare arms or legs, they give a nasty bite and fly off. My husband carries a fly swatter on his walk, carefully taking aim and quickly ending their food fest. Today more than five fell at his blows, and I […]

  • Crab Walking

    Crab Walking

    I love to watch ghost crabs run, their bodies moving sideways with great speed. Unlike most creatures whose movements are either directly ahead or back, crabs sidle, going off in unexpected angles and tangents. At times they’ve scurried over my feet, shocking us both, their direction unpredictable. Perhaps I’m more crablike than I want to […]

  • Trolling Fish

    Trolling Fish

    ¬†At a restaurant in this area, the wait staff throws pieces of bread to the fish gathered beneath the deck. When the fish cluster to feed, a green heron appears and collects fish for his lunch. Clutching onto a suspended rope, he hangs over the water, selecting the fish he wants. So adept is he […]