Month: October 2018

  • God is Waiting

    God is Waiting

    When my husband and I moved to this island, more than 1000 miles from what had been home, we knew no one except for the real estate agent who sold us the lot. Finalizing the sale, he invited us to attend his church when we came here to live. Years later, after our house was […]

  • Crumbling Away

    Crumbling Away

    The sand cliffs were being steadily eroded by the approaching tide, sharply outlined and then crumbling under the advancing waves. From where I walked I could see the waves had undercut the sand cliffs’ foundations, leaving them vulnerable to the next assault. And yet, from on top, they continued to appear sturdy and secure, as […]

  • Wounded


    On the beach for the past three days I have seen a small sea bird with a wounded leg. He frequents the area where I typically begin my walk, hopping on one foot, his remaining leg hanging limp and useless. He seems so fragile, this small bird, so much in need of help. What can […]

  • Ouch!


    I limped around the house this morning, feeling an irritation against my food but unable to locate the cause. Each time I searched my shoe and sock for something spiny, I could find nothing; yet when I put them on again and tried to walk, the same painful stab returned. Finally I comped the sock […]