Day: October 17, 2018

Crumbling AwayCrumbling Away

The sand cliffs were being steadily eroded by the approaching tide, sharply outlined and then crumbling under the advancing waves. From where I walked I could see the waves had undercut the sand cliffs’ foundations, leaving them vulnerable to the next assault. And yet, from on top, they continued to appear sturdy and secure, as if one could walk safely to their very edge. Then suddenly the entire outcrop would tumble into the sea, washed away with the water’s sweeping power. My life is sometimes like that sand cliff. It seems secure and safe, rooted in worldly assurances of control and popularity, of success and material possessions. But somewhere deep within, I know it is being eroded beneath by these very forces, their presence no guarantee of safety or salvation. Father, I need help in correctly building my life on you and your will. I feel sometimes as if I am poised on crumbling cliff; please strengthen my faith so I have a life firmly fixed on your promises and your love. Amen.