Month: November 2018

  • Thanks Giving

    Thanks Giving

    Our first Thanksgiving on the island seemed strange. After all, I was accustomed to Puritans and northern Indians, a barren November landscape, food designed to warm the body and ward off chills. Here on the island Thanksgiving is often celebrated wearing shorts and sandals, in tees and tank tops. The food is lighter and less […]

  • Sunshine on Cloudy Days

    Sunshine on Cloudy Days

    On overcast, cloudy days, I have seen visitors to the island try to get a tan, convinced there is no need for lotion since they can’t see the light, clouded from the sun. Later, as they spread cooling lotion on their burned skin, they realize the ultra-violet light is present even in the cloud-filtered sun. […]

  • Men’s Ecumenical Prayer Group

    Men’s Ecumenical Prayer Group

    The Men’s Community Ecumenical Prayer & Devotion Breakfast meets year-round at the Beach Pit, 49 W Pine Ave, SGI, at 8:15 on Wednesday mornings. Formed in 2016, the Men’s Prayer Breakfast is a year-round weekly event. All are welcome to attend.

  • The Moon’s Path

    The Moon’s Path

    Last night the moon carved a path on the water, illuminating a route to Heaven. I stood at the dark window staring into the sea, watching the golden light ripple and stir as waves moved across. On an island the moon becomes important, helping determine the tides and affecting the island’s configuration, affecting the animal […]