Month: July 2019

  • Shell Chimes

    Shell Chimes

    Almost all of the empty shells on the beach reveal a small, round hole.  It is this hole through which they were attacked and killed by a creature that drills into the shell.  A friend on the island collects these shells in varying sizes and fashions them into wind chimes.  Carefully she balances the weight […]

  • Dangling Lures

    Dangling Lures

    I passed a fisherman on the beach today just as he was selecting among his lures.  There were shrimp in a cooler, iridescent plastic lures, and shiny metallic lures.  I watched him select from among them and throw his line into the sea.  I think about the fish that will be drawn to these lures, […]

  • Fourth of July!

    Fourth of July!

    Fourth of July!  If ever there is a summer celebration, it is this day when patriotism, vacations, and perfect outdoor weather coincide.  I’ll do my walk early this morning to avoid crowded roads and beaches.  The air will be ripe with the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs grilling, steaks over hot coals, damp potato […]

  • VBS Prayer Calendar

    A Lot goes into making VBS a success! Teachers, worship team, volunteers, and all the kids who attend are what makes this great! Most importantly we are introducing Jesus to the next generation. Please pray for all those involved. Here is the prayer calendar of all things we’d like you to pray with us about […]