Month: August 2019

  • Our Journey Revisited

    Life’s journey always seems rougher than some of our friends, doesn’t it? Our fast paced culture with the influence of social media can easily confuse us! Is it possible to listen to the Lord on our journey? The writer of Hebrews thinks so! Jesus gives us a joyful approach and good path! Come and join […]

  • Running For Jesus

    Why is faith so difficult? Is it because it does not always lead to a comfortable life? In fact it often leads to challenges that cause pain and suffering. Jesus teaches us how to run the race of life and we have witnesses who love, care, and often join us in our journey of faith. […]

  • Mine!


    I watched a gull with a large fish in his mouth bent over at the edge of the beach.  He seemed worried that I would steal the fish from him, and so tried to pick it up and fly, but the weight made flight almost impossible.  Again and again, the fish fell from his beak, […]

  • Living Water

    Living Water

    How blessed I am to be living near water!  It cools us in the summer and moderates winter’s cold.  Its breezes keep the air fresh, its waves comfort me in the dark, and its beauty delights my vision.  I think of all the water symbolism in the Bible—forgiveness, refreshment, cleansing, and life itself.  Christ walked […]

  • Sweet Smell

    Sweet Smell

    Sometimes when people pass me on the beach, I smell suntan lotion, liberally applied.  I remember a dear friend from many years ago.  We lived in frigid Michigan, and all winter he used suntan lotion as his cologne.  We all thought Bob smelled wonderful, but couldn’t decide why.  Then it finally occurred to us; he […]