Month: September 2019

  • New Life From Old

    New Life From Old

    This morning the high waves swirled seaweed around my feet, leaving small stands on my feet and legs.  It washes up on shore in piles that resemble cut grass, capturing small shells and bits of sea life in its tangles.  When it dries, the sea grass is covered by sand or blown against the dunes […]

  • A Balm That Heals

    The prophet Jeremiah is suffering from the unfaithfulness of God’s people. His heart is breaking as he visions war and disruption. He asks “Is there no balm in Gilead?” He is referring to a famous resin (ointment) harvested from the trunks of balsam pine trees that grow in the region of Gilead. Come and worship […]

  • Prayer About Impatience

    Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you this morning with a topic I’ve prayed about in the past, but my husband has asked me to pray for help once more. I am impatient—impatient enough so that it affects my life in many areas. Perhaps my impatience began as a child; I was raised in a […]

  • Fiery Seeds

    Fiery Seeds

    During last night’s windstorm, pinecones thudded on our roof, disturbing my sleep and making me worry about roof damage.  This morning I picked up the pinecones from the deck, noticing their complexity and beauty.  How densely and tightly packed each seed is positioned in the cone!  I know that many pines only release their seed […]

  • Farewell


    Today I attended a lunch in honor of a friend who is leaving the island, moving closer to her children.  The loss is a sad one, though I’m convinced she’ll be happier in a new setting.  As I age and watch friends leave, there is a painful sense of loss, the depletion that comes with […]

  • Are You Seeking Truth?

    St. George Island United Methodist Church Blog 9-1-19 How do you live your life? To what standard do you live your life? Why, Whom, and What do you seek? Nicodemus, a highly educated man and a leader of the Jews, sought after Jesus by night with flattering words after hearing Jesus teach and perform miracles. […]