Month: October 2019

  • 1st Annual Scout Jamboree!!

    November 11th 2019 we will be holding our first ever Scout Jamboree! All the scouts that have signed up this year and kids that want to sign up are invited to this dinner and informative gathering. We will share badges, ideas, and information about the future of the scouts. Starts at 6:30 at the Eastpoint […]

  • An Osprey’s Inspiration

    An Osprey’s Inspiration

    An osprey circled over me on the beach this morning. His wings were spread in a wide span, his eyes unblinking, his attention entirely focused on the water below. Tightly coiling in the blue sky, he watched for signs of a school of fish, eager to make a killing dive. As I watched, I could […]

  • Hope Park Fall Fest 2019

    Come join the gathering of many churches in celebrating Fall!! Free for everyone! There will be games and a lot of food…. Bring the family for some fellowship and fun. Oct 27th 2-4pm at HOPE PARK!!!!

  • Jumbled Music

    Jumbled Music

    Last night the wind blew so hard it battered my bamboo wind chimes, scattering bamboo lengths all over the yard below.  I thought during the night I could hear the jumbled sounds, but blithely rolled over and resumed my sleep.   Now we’ll have to collect, restring and realign the chimes if they’re to make music […]