Day: May 5, 2022

A Mother’s Day PrayerA Mother’s Day Prayer

By Sandy Ratliff

Dear Heavenly Father–There are many similarities between St. Mary and most mothers. She had high expectations for her child’s success, she worried about His ‘disobedience’ when He remained at the temple, she questioned when He would begin his real ministry, she was concerned about His circle of friends, and she suffered agony at His death.

However, perhaps the most revealing sentence in the Bible that connects Mary with all mothers is this—“Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Yes—from the moment a woman discovers her pregnancy until the final breath she draws, she is never entirely without the awareness of being a mother. It is inevitable that motherhood never ends despite age or distance.

For all those mothers and mother figures who taught us our prayers, who guided us into God’s ways, and particularly who brought us to this church on such a special day—we give thanks.

May we find in their love a sample of the love God so richly heaps upon us—guiding, disciplining, encouraging and forgiving. Thank God for mothers and mother figures who deserve our praise and our gratitude on this special day. Amen.