A Higher Vision

My house is set high on stilts as protection from hurricanes. At first I found it odd living up high, as if I had a nest in the treetops and looked down on the ground from above. Now I’ve come to love my high perch and the perspective it provides. I can watch birds at eye level, see squirrels perform acrobatic leaps while I sit on the porch, I can hear the wind sough through the pine trees with its lovely fluid sound. I appreciate the increased visibility height provides, making it possible for me to see both the ocean and the bay while standing in the same spot. Living so high has also made me wonder about my own vision; do I tend to see life from a broad, high perspective, or do I settle for the lowest denominator, burying myself by accepting what is least noble in my own motives? Forgive me, Lord, when I seem to take my life and my blessings for granted, content with living on the ground floor. Please lift me with your spirit and help me raise others with the knowledge of you. Amen.

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