A New Scent

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The oleanders are fully in bloom!  My yard is scented with a honey-like aroma that stuns me with its warm headiness.  I inhale deeply, unable to breathe in enough of the scent, as attracted as a bee to the sweet fragrance.  Lovely as the masses of white, pink, and fuchsia colors may be, it is the scent, which most attracts me.  When I lived in Michigan, spring meant lily of the valley, lilacs, and hyacinth.  I feared I’d have to sacrifice those fragrances, but now I see that I have been given a different but no less lovely scent to enjoy.  And so God works in my life.  I surrender sources of happiness, committing them to my memory bank, but receive others unexpectedly.  Oleander was an unknown plant; its sweet perfume something I could never have anticipated.  Thank you, Lord, for continuing to bless me in ways I could never anticipate, allowing me to hold unto the best of the past, and showering me with fresh gifts each new day. Amen.

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