This morning I found a shell I’d never seen before in this area.  I brought it home carefully in the palm of my hand, set it down gently, and went off to locate it in my shell book.  It was a denuded sea urchin, a lovely pale pink globe with raised white dots that look almost like pearls.  I was pleased to see it pictured in my book because then it became somehow more real, more documented.  My Bible too provides me with the authenticity I need.  It isn’t enough for me simply to hear others speak of Jesus—I need to read His words, learn of His miracles, recite His promises.  Just as I can appreciate and better understand the origins of this new shell when I read about it, so too I improve the basis of my faith when I regularly turn to God’s book and read its contents.  I thank you, Father, that you have provided me with the greatest reference book of all.  Please help me to spend more serious time studying it and growing in my knowledge and understanding of you. Amen.

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