A Prayer Shell

A friend on the island has health problems.  I worry about her well-being, knowing that she is undergoing many stresses.  I wonder how I can help, what I can do to alleviate the drain on her energies and resources.  How do we best help those whom we love but whose problems we can’t solve?  I feel frustrated and useless, recognizing that I can’t cook, clean or run errands for her since her family and staff perform those tasks already.  Today I will choose one perfect shell on the beach, cover it will clear nail polish, and give it to her.  I will explain the shell is a prayer symbol; when she sees it on the table beside her, it is a sign of my love and prayers.  Please, dear Father, be with her and with all those whom we love.  May our prayers on their behalf be seen and heard in all that we do today; may they be heard and felt by all those for whom we pray. Amen.

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