As I grow older, I find my body and I are too often in conflict.  I want it to do those things I once took for granted; my body rebels, telling me it can no longer perform those tasks, carry out those demands as it did in the past.  I grow angry at its failure, telling myself that I’m weak now and ineffectual.  I’m reminded that of all the human ills Jesus suffered, never did he experience growing old.  Crucified at 33, Jesus didn’t see his body slowly change, weaken, and grow weary with age.  I want so much to make peace with my body, to find a happy medium where we are comfortable with one another again, a state of being where I can continue to perform valuable work, but where I can understand patiently my new limitations.  I ask for help, dear Lord, in giving me insight into the reality of my own body so that together we can do your work in the world in a positive, productive manner without anger or disappointment. Amen.

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