The weather is turning cooler now, as autumn has muted the island colors. What was once bright green is now gold, caught in the moment between 14-karat luster and nondescript tan. While holly and pine needles retain their jade color, sand and leaves blend and merge into a pattern of late fall. How empty the island seems during the period after Labor Day and before Thanksgiving! When we walk on the beach now, we see no one else. The roads are empty of leisure vehicles—rental bikes, mopeds, scooters, and golf carts. Ghost crabs have found dens below the sand’s surface, prepared to remain hidden during the coldest time of the year. At night rental houses are empty; only neighbors’ lights shine in the darkness, mirroring the stars above. It’s a time of year both serene and sad, as if summer dreams dissolved in the warm ocean water, leaving only disappearing sea foam. Both the year and I have aged, days passing in glorious beauty, but moving into a slower, more contemplative mode. Perhaps I too need to become more silent, turning for conversation to God, listening less to the summer noises that still echo. Please, lord, help me find joy in all seasons of the year. May your presence beside me provide reason to celebrate with quiet joy and peaceful harmony. Amen.

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