I came across a grim sight on the beach today—a crab was eating another crab, one that resembled him so closely the two—one live, the other dead–could have been twins. There is something unpleasant about acts of cannibalism, part of a taboo against one species consuming its own kind. And yet I think about how humans act toward one another, and realize it is often a spiritual cannibalism. Do I actively seek to enhance the faith and trust of others? Too often I am petty and vengeful, delighted that my “opponents” have suffered a setback, jealous that others seem to have more of God’s gifts, angry that I am no more loved than everyone else. Surely this is a type of cannibalism, this attempt to destroy what is Godlike in others, to dine on their unhappiness and their loss while preening my own vanity, feeding my own ego. Forgive me, please Lord, for these acts of cannibalism on my fellow human beings. Help me seek out the good in others, assist them in discovering you, and rejoice in all those who have come into your fold. Amen.

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