When the tide is just right, I can draw my foot in an arc at the water’s edge and sometimes reveal an array of coquina shells.  How beautiful they are, each like half a butterfly in an amazing assortment of colors.  Some are all one shade, others are striped, and others appear almost mottled.  Exposed to the light and the air, they quickly dig themselves back into the sand, almost too quickly for me to observe, using invisible feet to displace the sand.  When I find their shells open on the beach, they resemble a whole butterfly, each half duplicating the shape of a butterfly’s wing.  One of my cookbooks suggests I could boil these coquina and make a seafood broth, but I prefer to appreciate them with my eyes.  Thank you, Lord, for your bounty and your beauty.  You give us both a visible and a hidden world whose beauty is staggering.  Help me walk through the world in your company, thanking you daily for your gifts. Amen.

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