Bird Fights

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Our bird feeder was the scene of an altercation this morning.  The feed we buy has a few sunflower seeds, but mostly it consists of millet and other small grains.  Unfortunately, the crows, raccoons, woodpeckers, and black birds prefer the sunflower seeds.  They squabble and squawk at one another, refusing to be fair in the distribution of the rare seeds.  Each wants only sunflower seeds; let the others have the smaller offerings.  And so we hear verbal fisticuffs as they dive, attack, and scold one another.  How like humans they are!  Fighting, shrieking, and selfishly wanting only the best.  Instead of being grateful for the gifts placed into our lives by a loving father, we struggle and battle to have all the prizes, resentful if we aren’t the winners.  Forgive us our selfishness, and help me, in particular, to learn to share gracefully, thankfully, and eagerly. Amen.

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