Blending In

This afternoon I was watering a pot of petunias on the back deck when out hopped a frog, looking a bit annoyed at the soaking he suffered.  It was no surprise I’d missed seeing him, so perfectly did he blend in with the background.  His green/brown/gray mottled skin exactly matched the stems and leaves of the plant, enabling him to live there generally undetected.  Certainly this is no accident; in the animal world it’s not uncommon for creatures to come to resemble their environment.  I wonder about myself.  Have I come to resemble the people and situations with whom I spend my life?  Do I make an effort to try and seek out those people who will offer me a pattern of behavior that is Christ-like, or do I settle for something less, in an effort to be popular?  Please help me, Lord, to place myself against the example of your Son and try as much as possible to duplicate his love, forgiveness and compassion.  May I come to resemble the image of you in which I was created. Amen.

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