When I travel to another country, I take with me a small bottle of perfume I’ve never worn before.  I use it during the trip, and when I return home, that scent helps me recall where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced.  When I’ve left the island for any length of time, the scent of the ocean first greets me, even before I can see its expanse.  The salty tang of seawater mixed with the hint of sea life is like an elixir that reminds me I’m home.  I breathe in deeply and celebrate a scent that must have been one of the first aromas that existed when God created the world.  We sniff our surroundings without thought, but perhaps there is nothing more evocative of our past than the sense of smell, and how blessed with are to possess such a powerful sense!  I thank you, Lord, for giving me this privilege, for providing me with this avenue to connect to the beautiful world around me, to connect with you. Amen.

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