This morning’s low tide revealed piles and piles of broken shells, thousands and thousands of bits and pieces.  I was amazed at the depth of the heaped shells—so much brokenness!  We become accustomed to fractured shells and fractured lives; reports come to us from reading the papers, watching TV, hearing of island accidents and conflicts.  Sometimes the entire world resembles that shell heap—a world only of bits and pieces.  I lose heart and feel hopeless.  Then I find a perfect shell, one that survived the wave’s action and washed ashore for me to discover.  Jesus, like this flawless shell, lived a perfect life, unbroken in purpose , even with a body that was wounded and maimed.  Forgive me, Lord, for seeing only the brokenness; remind me that your message is one of hope and healing.  In you all is made whole.  Help me to celebrate your healing in a broken world, and make me an agent of that healing. Amen.

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