Category: Prayers from the Island

  • A Mother’s Day Prayer

    By Sandy Ratliff Dear Heavenly Father–There are many similarities between St. Mary and most mothers. She had high expectations for her child’s success, she worried about His ‘disobedience’ when He remained at the temple, she questioned when He would begin his real ministry, she was concerned about His circle of friends, and she suffered agony […]

  • Holding Fast

    A limb has nearly broken off the pine tree near the front of our house. Last year woodpeckers tapped it until there was a large hole, then the wind loosened the remaining branch, and now what is left hangs by a narrow strip of wood.  Fat doves sit on it, apparently enjoying the bouncing landing […]

  • My Hat Wears Out

     Many years ago I bought a visor cap with my school’s initials on it from the college bookstore.  Since then it’s been my ‘beach hat’, the hat I grab when I walk on the beach or work in the sun.  Today I noticed the strap is ripping and can’t be sewn.  I have perhaps a […]

  • Treasure Hunt

    My husband collects floats that wash ashore.  When we discover one on the beach—especially if it’s in good condition—we congratulate one another and eagerly bring the Styrofoam ball home as if we’d stumbled over treasure.  It’s true we have no good use for them, though they presently encircle the sign naming our house, float from […]

  • Excuse Me…

    Excuse Me…

    Dolphins were sporting in the water this afternoon as I walked alone on the beach.  I saw a woman staring at the sand.  “Did you see the dolphins?”  I asked, excitedly.  “ Shhh,”  she replied, “ I’m praying and meditating.”  I left chastened, but then I began to question.  Does prayer exclude others or is […]

  • My Camellia Bush

    I have one blossom on a camellia bush given to me by a friend.  I’m very proud since for ages the small slip seemed barely to live, much less grow and flourish.  Any plant given by a friend has a special value, because it means part of that person is now alive in my care, […]

  • Breath of God

    Prayer about the Holy Spirit Dear Heavenly Father, as a child I was afraid of suffocating. My older sister would come up behind me, covering my nose and mouth with her hands, watching me squirm and squeal. I was a reluctant swimmer, cautious about putting my head under water, always fearful I’d drown. Even now, […]

  • After Easter Prayer

    An After-Easter Prayer “Behind him [John] came Simon Peter, and he went straight into the tomb. He saw the linen cloths lying there, and the cloth which had been around Jesus’ head. It was not lying with the linen cloths but was rolled up by itself” John 20:6-7 Dear Lord, I’ve always wondered about this […]

  • He Has Risen

     Prayer for Easter       Dear Lord, every Easter card shows flowers blooming, bright sunshine, and smiling disciples. But it wasn’t that way, was it, Lord. It was chilly and dark when the women went to the tomb. In their scarves they carried gums and spices to undo the abuse and torture your body had suffered two […]

  • Too Far!

    Too Far!

     When my husband and I walk, we aim for specific spot, easily identified on the beach.  Sometimes we try to go past that spot, adding each day to the length of our walk.  Of course the problem, with adding a bit daily is that eventually the distance becomes a hindrance rather than an encouragement; the […]