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  • Hoping For God’s Gift Living in the Light

    You ever ride down route 65 at night (The Apalachicola Forest)? Ever drive in pouring rain at night? Meet a bear? We are not by nature nocturnal! How many animals can you name that are nocturnal? I can list 28! More common in Florida owl, fox, opossum. raccoon, mole, skunk, armadillo, wolf-coyote. What about Christians […]

  • The First Carol

    The prophecy of Zechariah shocks us all! God is taking action in all our lives as we enter Advent Season! This intrusion comes in the shape of a “song”, the first of three in the scriptures which prophecy the coming of the Lord Jesus! Prepare your hearts a new for this season of hope, love, […]

  • A Balm That Heals

    The prophet Jeremiah is suffering from the unfaithfulness of God’s people. His heart is breaking as he visions war and disruption. He asks “Is there no balm in Gilead?” He is referring to a famous resin (ointment) harvested from the trunks of balsam pine trees that grow in the region of Gilead. Come and worship […]

  • Are You Seeking Truth?

    St. George Island United Methodist Church Blog 9-1-19 How do you live your life? To what standard do you live your life? Why, Whom, and What do you seek? Nicodemus, a highly educated man and a leader of the Jews, sought after Jesus by night with flattering words after hearing Jesus teach and perform miracles. […]

  • Our Journey Revisited

    Life’s journey always seems rougher than some of our friends, doesn’t it? Our fast paced culture with the influence of social media can easily confuse us! Is it possible to listen to the Lord on our journey? The writer of Hebrews thinks so! Jesus gives us a joyful approach and good path! Come and join […]

  • Running For Jesus

    Why is faith so difficult? Is it because it does not always lead to a comfortable life? In fact it often leads to challenges that cause pain and suffering. Jesus teaches us how to run the race of life and we have witnesses who love, care, and often join us in our journey of faith. […]

  • Exciting New “See All the People” Bible Study Begins Monday April 9th

    Exciting New “See All the People” Bible Study Begins Monday April 9th

    Join us for at 6:30 pm for Monday Night Bible Study as we begin the exciting new series “See All the People” which challenges us to go beyond the walls of our church and become more engaged with our community. For those unable to attend the Monday evening class, we will meet again on Thursday […]

  • Surf Sounds

    Surf Sounds

      Last night I could hear the surf through my open bedroom window.  All night it crashed against the shore, advancing and receding.  The more quietly I lay, the louder it became, until it seemed to fill the room with its thunder.  How lovely to lie in the darkness and hear the ocean’s voice just […]

  • Thoughts on How to Live During Lent and Beyond

                                                                        Pope Francis recently shared this beautiful passage about how to live during Lent and beyond. When we think of things to […]

  • Shining the Light of Jesus

    Shining the Light of Jesus

    In the past, mariners relied on lighthouses to warn them of danger. By shining a light, lighthouse keepers could guide ships away from certain peril. In today’s dark world, nothing shines as brightly, or protects us like the love of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will […]