As I walked to the beach this morning, a crow scolded me noisily from a post set into the sand. Apparently he was disturbed at my presence or perhaps he had a nest close by and didn’t want me around. Whatever the reason, he was extremely agitated, cawing with a hoarse voice until I moved out of range. So much upset over a harmless beachcomber! All that energy wasted in yelling at me, energy that could have been put to better use locating food or tending to a nest. But I can’t really fault the crow—I do the same thing. Too often I let small events overwhelm me, over-reacting as if they were crises. In the face of a small plumbing problem, a loose nail, a misplaced letter, I become overwrought. Why do I let these small setbacks reduce me to frustrated anger and annoyance—making as much disturbance as that angry crow. I call on God regularly when there are crises, when serious problems arise, but when the small disturbances of daily living arise, I react out of proportion. Please help me, Father to entrust you with my entire life. Give me the strength to live serenely even when there is disharmony. Please help me find your peace in all parts of my life. Amen.

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