Yesterday I saw an amazing sight in my front yard.  Apparently a kite string had become tangled in the high limbs of a pine tree, snaring a young crow.  No matter how much the bird cawed and twisted, he was unable to free himself.  Small groups of crows collected on adjacent branches, squawking and calling, frustrated at the bird’s plight.  Finally, one of the crows began to tug at the string, working feverishly to break its hold, receiving encouragement from those nearby.  At last he succeeded; the crow was free and flew off.  I had witnessed an act of animal cooperation that made me aware of how powerful unity can be.  I think of my church, how we can cooperate to do God’s work.  For those who are entrapped in sin, we can help peck away at the bonds, teaching and demonstrating God’s grace.  Thank you, God, for this lesson, and help me to be an agent of freedom for all those who are snared. Amen.

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