I love to watch ghost crabs run, their bodies moving sideways with great speed. Unlike most creatures whose movements are either directly ahead or back, crabs sidle, going off in unexpected angles and tangents. At times they’ve scurried over my feet, shocking us both, their direction unpredictable. Perhaps I’m more crablike than I want to admit. My walk of faith should proceed forward, as God intends, but too often I move in different directions, unwilling to take the steps ahead that I know I should choose. There are good reasons, I tell myself, why it’s impossible to help with this event, to call someone who’s lonely, to visit a sick acquaintance. I’m too busy to be expected to volunteer, to serve on a committee, to extend my Bible study time. Good, good reasons. And so I sidle away from what I know is right, running at top speed side-wise, trying to maintain my relationship with God but unwilling to make the necessary commitments. Forgive me, please Father, my repeated refusals to accompany you. Help me place my hand in yours and walk straight ahead as you guide, and excuse my tugs to the side. Amen.

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