Cry in the Dark

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 Last night as I lay in bed, I heard an owl hooting softly in the darkness.  I thought of the terror that ‘hoot’ must bring to the small and even larger creatures who live in harmony with us—crabs, mice, snakes, feral cats, young raccoons and possums—all must listen to that sound with fear in their hearts, burrowing deeper into whatever secure niche they’ve found.  I think too, as I lay there, of the sounds I hear in the night that trouble me—an ambulance racing past, the shriek of a wounded animal, even voices from my past that accuse or blame me, voices that name sins I’ve committed.  I thank you, Lord, for the secure niche you’ve given me, and the assurance that in your love I am forgiven.  May I ask forgiveness of others and grant it to all who’ve wronged me.  May my night be a time of peaceful rest. Amen.


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