I walked a different stretch of beach this morning, and noticed a curve in the island’s shore, a bend I’d not noticed in the past. I had been part of the curve in my usual walk, but oblivious to its gentle shift and sweep. From this vantage I could see the scalloped shore, recognize where I had traced the water line but had not recognized the pattern. Perhaps in my own life’s walk I fail to recognize the curves, the shifts in direction that lead me to new perspectives. When I met my husband, it seemed an uneventful encounter. When we first visited this island, so many years ago, it was pleasant, but not dramatic. When I walked into the island church the first time, I felt welcomed, but not aware of its import in my life. I’ve come to recognize that God moves in directions I can’t see, helps me select small bends in the road that I can’t recognize, steers me in paths that best suit my soul. Sometimes I balk, reluctant to move as He guides, but gently at times, firmly at other times, He accompanies me according to His will. Dear Lord, it is comforting to know that my walk today may include a bend in the road; I’m grateful that your hand will lovingly direct me to all that is best for my eternal soul. Amen.

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