Dancing Sunlight

The sun sparkled and danced on the water this morning, making a pattern of diamonds almost too bright for me to watch.  As I walked on the beach, my perspective changed, and yet from every angle the sun’s water dance was the same, flashing brilliance at me as I moved beside the sea.  How blessed I am!  No matter what I do or how I move, I am enfolded in God’s love just as the sun’s reflection on the water stays with me. Like a diamond studded wrap, it stretches out before me in good times so I can celebrate and appreciate its beauty.  When hard times come, the sun’s water dance is draped over me, wrapping and comforting me with its security.  Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love which lets me share your beauty, comforting me when I am troubled.  May my life reflect the brilliance of your dancing sunlit patterns to all whom I meet. Amen.

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