When it’s winter, I promise myself I’ll rise early, while it’s still dark, take my camera and film the oyster boats as they set out for the day’s harvest.  I see them in my mind’s eye, silhouetted against the dawn’s sky, their rakes slim reeds, their boats such frail vessels.  But then when morning comes and winter’s chill is in the room, I tell myself “another day will do” and so I return to bed and sleep until morning’s light. I fail to act.  That’s too often the case in my life; the ‘good deeds’ I mean to do are left undone.  Notes I intended to write, phone calls I promised myself I’d make, visits I hoped would cheer a housebound neighbor—all left undone.  Forgive me, Father, for what I leave unfinished.  Please help me to stir myself from selfish lethargy and complete the work you have given me.  Good thoughts, unacted upon, are not enough.  Grant me the will to follow through and do Your work. Amen.

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