St George Island at Night

St George Island at Night Last night a barge passed by my house, though it was difficult to see, so deep was the darkness.  The sound of its engine cut into my sleep, and I could almost feel the throbbing vibrations of the tug’s powerful engine.  I stared into the night and finally spotted the outline moving slowly across the horizon, lights distinguishing shape.  While I surrender to sleep, there is a ‘night world’ which moves in the darkness around me on land and sea.  I wonder at its rhythms and patterns, so foreign to me.  Perhaps someone on the ship watches the shoreline, seeing dim outlines of houses, scattered lights, silhouetted tree shapes.  I ask you, God, to be with those who watch in the darkness, that their way be guided and made safe.  I entrust them, those unknown watchers, into your hands.  May they be alertly awake while I sleep. Amen.

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