Deflated Domes

When I walk early in the morning, I see domes in the sand, small puffed-up areas where some clam has apparently inflated the sand.  If I step on one of these domes, it immediately collapses, leaving only a crushed roof and bits of scattered sand.  I wonder about the creature that created the dome, and wonder too if I make domes myself.  Sometimes I inflate my own self-worth, puffing myself up, generating hot air that creates a false sense of importance.  Then when adversity happens, the roof falls in and I’m crushed.  Forgive me, Father, for those times when I take all the credit myself for every good thing, leaving you out of my life.  I thank you that no matter how often I inflate myself, you accept me back into your house, forgiving me, loving me, and extending your grace to me.  Forgive me. Amen.

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