Dew Drops

I walked early this morning, just after first light had touched the island.  On the wooden walk over the dune, I saw tiny dewdrops suspended at the tip of each sea oats blade.  How beautiful they looked, these tiny globes, reflecting the morning sun easing over the horizon.  We’ve had no rain for weeks now, and yet these dewdrops were lifted from the morning air to slake the thirst of dune grasses.  In just this fashion God tends his world, providing nourishment and fresh water, even here on an island surrounded by salty water.  Like that sea oat, I too am fed each day, my spiritual well-being cultivated through prayer and scripture.  Thank you, Lord, for the drops of water you give me each day.  May I use your nourishment to grow stronger in my faith, and may I learn to share that faith with others. Amen.

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