The administrative council meeting was called to order on May 11 by Pam Tullous.  Members appearing in person were Fred Genter, Pam Tullous, Barbara Hartsfield, Carol Wheeler, Mason Bean, Tom Wood, Tom Loughridge, Joyce Estes and Teresa Manning.  Appearing telephonically were Carl Sims , Brian Brightley, Marie Allen, James Donald  , Barbara Parfitt and Ben Williams.

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Pastor. 

Carl provided the finance report indicating the number of people giving offerings is more than expected with website specifically PayPal making this an easy process. The church is however in a $3200 deficit according to budget.  Amounts available for spending are $7500 in checking account and $32,000 in savings. The church did receive a government loan ($12,000) which must be spent over an 8 week period specifically 75% toward payroll and 25% toward interest on loans, utilities, etc. If loan is not used timely or appropriately the church has to pay it back in its entirety. Carl established a Charles Schwab account.  Pastor advised he has 1 commitment from a regular giver who will provide a substantial offering based upon stock sale.  The individual wishes this to be confidential. There was a brief discussion by Fred and Joyce regarding the Boy Scouts and where monies would come from and categories designated.  Tom Wood suggested this be dealt with at a later time which was agreeable to those present.

Fred advised the AC unit in the fellowship hall has to be replaced and he will get estimates but the first discussion he has had indicated app. $6,000.  The process will be to get 3 estimates and go from there.  Mason motioned that this be done with Joyce seconding.  Motion passed.

Brian  provided pastor’s report. (handout)

Marie gave the SPRC report stating Bob and Kathryn Tindale have committed to interim pastoring from July 1-10/31/20.  And they are in prayer for consideration of a longer stay.  The new district superintendent, Wayne Wyatt, has advised he will visit SGIUMC.  Marie will be requesting he consider attending our July meeting to discuss the importance of our new pastor selection and be given input.

Joyce advised Brie Rotelle will become a part time contract employee at Hope Park working on Saturdays with the children. She is a Franklin County school teacher as well as a teacher at the Nest Program so her experience is vast. According to Joyce the prison mission church may assist her but if not Joyce will be looking for volunteers to help on Saturdays. Considering COVID-19 there will have to be social distancing, mask wearing, portable hand washing stations, port-a-pottys, etc. Joyce will get with finance to determine what designation this will be.

Joyce and Marie will coordinate with Wayne Wyatt to hopefully have him tour Hope Park at the same time he visits SGIUMC.

Current superintendent has not made a decision regarding Eastpoint church pastor but hopes to within the next 2 weeks.

Meeting was adjourned by Pam.

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