Prayers from the Island Dolphin’s Leap

Dolphin’s Leap

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  Today as I walked on the beach, I watched a dolphin leap into the air, his body forming a perfect arc against blue sea and blue sky.  As he splashed back to earth, tiny droplets hung suspended, as if in awe of what had occurred.  Lucky dolphin, creature both of water and air.  We are like that as well; we are creatures of this earth and yet creatures of eternity.  Our earthly bodies may age and decay, sicken and die, but the spirit living within is immortal and eternal.  Sometimes, when conditions are right, that spirit leaps with joy, drawing closer to Heaven as the dolphin did with his leap.  What incredible moments those are, those brief moments when we are closest to you and yet still alive and breathing your air.  Thank you, God, for all that is immortal within me, and for letting me delight in that immortality in all whom you’ve created

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