2022-11-02 11:18:19

2022-11-02 11:18:19

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Where Beauty LiesWhere Beauty Lies

Our friends left today after their week’s visit with us.  Together we saw so many things—pelicans, egrets, herons, dolphins, alligators, hundreds of different shells, and crabs galore—just some of the life we witnessed.  I thought of all we witnessed and wondered if my friends’ love for the ocean was reflected in the ocean’s display on their behalf. Do those who walk in the world with love see a world made more loving because of their love reflected back to them?  Do I, as a Christian, move through  the day radiating God’s love and forgiveness in my own spirit of love and forgiveness?   Do I see more good in the world, just as my friends saw more on the island in a short time than I’d noticed before, because of their own love and respect for nature and God?  I wonder.  Please help me, Lord, to see the beauties you share with me, help me extend my knowledge of your world to others, and please forgive me when I choose to be blind to your love—a love reflected not only in your son Jesus, but also in the world you’ve given us. Amen.

The Perfect GiftThe Perfect Gift

Because the island is fairly remote, I do much of my Christmas shopping by mail, combing through stacks of catalogs that arrive each day and searching for perfect gifts. I’m suspicious of ‘one size fits all’ tags, and doubt if most ‘unisex’ gifts are really welcomed by either sex. Pictures can be deceiving too; sometimes I’m not very good at judging size, and I’ve ordered what I thought was an impressive gift only to receive a very tiny version instead. It’s difficult to find gifts from a distance, and I tend to agonize over each selection. At this time of year I can’t help but think of the gift God chose to give to humans—the gift of his only begotten Son. One size fits all, unisex, flawless and everlasting; truly this is the perfect gift to solve all human problems. Perfect for young and old, and all ages in between. Thank you God, for this unique gift that continues through the centuries to give hope, resurrection, and eternal life. Amen.

I Told You So!I Told You So!

When guests come to visit the island, they rush to the gulf, wanting to see the ocean.  Off they go, wearing bathing suits, carrying towels and beach toys, beach chairs, cool drinks, and pads on which to lie.  I warn them of the FL sun and its potency.  We keep sun screen on hand for company who, in their excitement, fail to bring their own.  “Be careful, “I say, “the sun can be brutal; before you know it, you can be burned.” “Yes, we know it.  We’ll be fine.  No problem.”  And off they go.  Time passes and they return—already bearing traces of the red skin to follow.  By the next morning I listen to groans and see brilliant marks.  “I got too much sun!” I hear them say, “I didn’t think this would happen!” I bite my tongue and swallow the words, “But I told you so!” How human we are in our refusal to listen, to follow advice.  I think of Adam and Eve in the Garden.  “Don’t eat from this one tree…”  Perhaps nothing really changes and each of us has to learn for himself.  I wonder, dear Lord, how often you think, “I told you so!” and yet you continue to forgive us and love us regardless. Amen.