2023-01-02 10:13:00

2023-01-02 10:13:00

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One Leg or Two?One Leg or Two?

Sometimes the birds I encounter on my beach walk hop on one leg, as if they’re wounded.  At first I was concerned for the birds I saw hopping this way, and followed them closely until they lowered the remaining leg and ran or flew normally.  I wonder why they move so awkwardly on one leg when God gave them two; certainly they’re less graceful and clumsier trying to balance on one leg.  Then I think of myself.  Why do I choose to ignore the gifts God has given me, the opportunities He’s made available to serve Him, the forgiveness He’s given and asked me to extend to others?  Why do I use half my Christian gifts when I’m told I must be a faithful steward and invest wisely all that God has given me?  Lord, help me to stand firmly on both legs, doing your work and serving you faithfully. Amen.

Whipping WindsWhipping Winds

The wind is whipping clouds across the sky this morning, and waves are chewing larger and larger portions of the beach.  I watch the gulls strain to get lift, finding it difficult to locate an updraft.  Many of the shore birds have cancelled their flights, so the beach looks like a major airport runway, birds lined up waiting for take-off commands, but delayed.   Circling in gusts and waves, the wind seems to come from all directions at once; I’m always facing it, being jerked about by blasts that come from somewhere else.  Sometimes problems seem like that.  When I think one issue is settled, another circles and another until I feel caught in a funnel of difficulties.  At such times I particularly need you, dear Lord.  Help me stand still, quiet in your presence.  Let me feel the power of your love, directing me in the path you know best.  May the Holy Spirit’s breath be the only wind that moves me. Amen.


  Each spring I carefully examine the golden sea oats as I climb the dune crossover.  Yes!  The new green shoots are visible, clearly spearheading their claim on summer.  I felt revived, grateful that a promise has been kept.  We don’t have the winter that northern climates must endure, but we have our own time of stilled life and increased darkness.  Winter is a season of tide fluctuations and unpredictable killing frosts.  Darkness persists into early morning hours, and showers are taking in a chilly room.  Winter here is a season for contemplation and thought, self-examination and analysis.  Winter is also a time when I try to reorder my priorities and establish a new order of importance.  I thank you, Lord, for the quiet season of winter; may the strength this season has given me clearly show in my renewed efforts to serve you. Amen.