2024-01-22 16:56:38

2024-01-22 16:56:38

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At last! We are reopening for public worship this Sunday, July 19th. So many of us really long to be together and so we are truly excited. However, the safety of our congregation and everyone who attends is our first priority. We all need to be as safe as possible and adhere to the social distancing guidelines as well as our safety precautions we have established for our outside service.

The Myer’s have graciously agreed for us to use their restaurant for worship so we will be meeting at Doc’s at 9am.

The following is a list of precautions to follow if you plan on attending service with us:

  1. If you are feeling ill, please stay home and listen online via our Facebook page.
  2. Everyone’s temperatures will be taken when you enter the worship area. A sign in table will be at the entrance.
  3. Everyone will need to wear a mask. If you are not able to wear a mask you can sit in your car or golf cart and should be able to hear from parking lot. (Masks can be provided if you forgot to bring one)
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available as you check in and we encourage people to use it.
  5. You will be seated by family unit with proper distancing.

Let us come and praise the Lord together.  Let’s show our love for our community by being a witness to others that we are in this together to stop the spread of COVID-19, and that we will do what we can to aid in that. Hope to see you there!

In His Love,

Pastor Bob Tindale (850) 933-7955

Don’t Touch!Don’t Touch!

Today, early in the morning, I approached an unfamiliar object on the beach, just above the water line. Its label warned that it was dangerous, phosphorous-filled, and should not be touched. The finder was asked to notify the police or military. The discovery saddened me. In the midst of so much serene beauty, under skies still washed with dawning light, I had stumbled upon something that hinted of death and destruction, something unconnected with the morning’s beauty. I remembered the passage from Philippians where we are told to think of what is pure and lovely. I tried to fix my thoughts on the right, the pure, the admirable, the excellent, and the praiseworthy. As I reported the object to the park ranger, my duty was complete. But now I need your help, Lord to find a way to live in this world with its unpleasant realities and still reach for you and your perfection of goodness and beauty. Help me find beauty even in the midst of ugliness. May I put aside this ugly object and try to be an agent of peace and beauty in a troubled, violent world. Amen.


A neighbor stopped by this morning with the sad news that there was a drowning yesterday on the island.  High winds and rip tides made the gulf water dangerous.  Apparently one person was in trouble, and another went out to assist but he was pulled into the waves and vanished.  How terribly sad!  What was obviously intended as a wonderful day of laughter and fun, of a picnic lunch and swimming turned into a day of tragedy and loss.  In the midst of life we are in death—suddenly the hours are robbed of their joy, only grief and sadness left in their wake.  We live in a broken world, a world where our human frailty Is most evident.  I think of this family whose lives will change because of this day; I think too of God who grieves with them, whose love for the lost individual exceeds their own.  My prayer, Lord, is for peace, comfort and strength in the days ahead.  May those who mourn feel your presence; may they, even in the midst of their loss, find reasons to celebrate a life filled with joyful times.  Only you, dear Lord, can bring them your peace and courage for the hours to come. Amen.