2024-02-13 10:26:10

2024-02-13 10:26:10

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Broken StarfishBroken Starfish

 Today I found three wounded starfish on the beach, each missing a leg.  They were touching one another.  I couldn’t determine if they had been one another’s victims or were tending to the pain of one another.  In either case, I was reminded that too often I mean to care for people but inadvertently end up hurting them instead.  I say things that I’ve heard others say without thinking how apt these words might or might not be.  Please God, help me know how to be loving, how to be gentle, how to be helpful without clumsily wounding by my actions and words.  I need to examine my own motives and then learn to love without hope of gain or profit. Help me to love as Jesus loved—openly and inclusively.  Amen.

Free for All!Free for All!

  How quickly the thirsty sand has soaked up the rain from last night’s storm!  I worry about the thimbleberries since they need abundant water in order to develop their fruit.  I don’t need fresh thimbleberries; however, I’m most delighted that they are free, ready for the picking.  No price per pound, no checkout, no scan code.  I simply pick them, wash and sort, and they’re ready for me to eat or cook. Thimbleberries are a gift of the island, available to anyone who takes a pan for the picking.  How like God’s salvation they are!  Free for all!  There for the taking!  All that’s necessary is to go to God’s word with a believing heart and accept the gift—pick the berries and be nourished.  I thank you God for this gift and for the free salvation you offer to all of us. Amen.


I spoke with a woman in the store this morning.  During our conversation, she said she’d once been in a church with a large congregation, and when she went to the altar for Communion, she returned to her pew and discovered her purse had been taken. How sad that during a time of communion, someone had chosen to rob rather than share. I thought of how things are sometimes stolen from me when my mind is elsewhere.  I walk on the beach wrestling with other people’s problems or with situations over which I have no control, and I’m robbed of the day’s beauty and the ocean’s gifts.  I let myself feel apart from God, and my faith begins to erode, just as the water bites at the shore.  Forgive me, Lord, for letting you go too easily, for letting situations rob me of your presence.  Yes, bad things happen, even in the church where there are more avowed sinners than anyplace else.  Please help me to approach you always knowing there is nothing more important than my closeness to you. Amen.