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May We Never Take a Dry-Eyed Look at SinMay We Never Take a Dry-Eyed Look at Sin

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Sand EverywhereSand Everywhere

Sand!  There is sand everywhere in my house!  When I walk on the beach wearing shoes and socks, the sand finds its way to my bare feet, nestles between my toes, and sticks to my ankles.  If I’m barefooted, I try to wash off the sand before entering the house, but the stairs have their own sandy coating, so I replace one layer of sand with another.   My carpet sometimes looks pale beige, so evenly does a sand layer coat it.  I’m reminded of the Psalmist who found God everywhere he looked—in the deepest chasm or the highest clouds.  I can better appreciate that sense of omnipresence when I think of sand—blowing, filming adhering, and surrounding me–inescapable.  I thank you, Lord for your ability to penetrate my life at every level—wherever I look and touch, you are there. Amen.


Marilyn McCann Inspires with Poetry as Well as MusicMarilyn McCann Inspires with Poetry as Well as Music

Our Music Director, Marilyn McCann, also writes songs and poems of praise. This piece is one of her recent works she kindly shared with SGIUMC for our website.


Upon the Cross I gave you my life.
Upon the Cross I called you by name.
Upon the Cross my love for you displayed.
Live in peace.
Your sins are forgiven.

Forgiven by you, Lord. Yes, forgiven by you. I’m claiming my new life. My soul, Lord, forever with you. Filled with your Spirit my lips sing your praise, since now I am living forgiven by you.

At the foot of the Cross
I worship you.
At the foot of the Cross
Your blood claims my soul.
At the foot of the Cross
Faith and hope are renewed since,
I’m forgiven by you.

Forgiven by you, Lord. Yes, forgiven by you. I’m claiming my new
Life. My soul, Lord, forever with you. Filled with your Spirit my lips sing your praise, since now I am living forgiven by you. *


We Have Forgiveness Through His Blood


Another of Marilyn’s poems, “Resting in His Everlasting Arms” was published by the Apalachicola Times in November 2016. That wasn’t the first time she has been published locally. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Times published a poem Marilyn wrote soon after the tragedy, titled “Hallowed Ground.”


* COPYRIGHT Words / Music inspired by and dedicated to the
Holy Trinity by
Marilyn McCann