2024-02-26 11:25:05

2024-02-26 11:25:05

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Pine PollenPine Pollen

  It’s pine pollen time on the island!  Though I rarely see the yellow particles in the air, I can readily identify their presence on everything left outside—tables, beach shoes, chair, and our car.  All surfaces are coated with a fine yellow film that makes some cough and sneeze.  Once I saw the wind dislodge clouds of pine pollen, setting drifting across the bay though usually it’s invisible.  Despair and depression can be like that.  Individual causes may seem minor, but soon they accumulate and coat everything that should be shiny and bright.  Suddenly the world is dulled in despair and hopelessness.  Please help me, O Lord, to shake myself free of this choking coating so that my enjoyment of the life you’ve given me is not clouded by the accumulation of problems and worries I’ve let pile up.  Help me to breathe in the breath of your life and your love so, like the pine pollen set adrift over the water, I am free to be joyful in your presence. Amen.

Pam Tullous Teaches Popular Series of Computer Classes at SGIUMCPam Tullous Teaches Popular Series of Computer Classes at SGIUMC

Not every church is lucky enough to count an experienced IT trainer as a member, much less an expert willing to share such valuable knowledge for free. SGIUMC is blessed on both counts. Before beginning a very busy retirement, Pam Tullous was the Lead IT Training Specialist for Patton Boggs LLP. Since moving to St. George Island, she has used her extensive technical know-how to benefit the citizens of Franklin County in a number of ways, including by serving as a volunteer at the library, where she helped citizens of all ages access and use the free computers effectively. While some people may want to check social media or simply keep up with the news, other people need computers and internet access to apply for necessities like housing or jobs. Seeing a need in her community for more computer training, Pam offered a series of computer classes at SGIUMC during February and March to offer training on Windows 10, Excel, and Facebook. In addition to the group classes, she also scheduled one-on-one time with students who had specific issues for which they needed help. We greatly appreciate Pam’s willingness to use her talents and abilities to help others.