2024-03-19 14:57:40

2024-03-19 14:57:40

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A PropA Prop

A friend showed me a palm tree that began growing vertically, but with age it bent closer and closer to the ground until eventually it was virtually horizontal and falling down.  She had propped it up with a wooden trestle, allowing the palm tree to continue its life even if parallel to the ground.  Her thoughtfulness and ingenuity make me question myself—how do I react to older people?  Do I feel uncomfortable and awkward with them, uncertain what to say or how to react?  Am I uneasy with clothing that may be stained or with odors that may be unpleasant?  Forgive me Lord for failing to reach out to the needs of those who are older than I.  May I, like that wooden trestle, act as a prop and stay, may I help to bring your good news to all whom I meet, at any end of the age continuum.  Forgive me my fear of my own advancing age; remind me that you have defeated time and death—I need never fear. Amen.


Turtle TracksTurtle Tracks

 It’s sea turtle season on the island, a time when sea turtles come ashore at night, dig holes, deposit their eggs, cover the nest and return to the sea.  The eggs and the hatchlings are on their own from this point.  Now abandoned, the nests can be identified by the giant flipper trails of the mother and by the hurriedly covered nest, sand disturbed.  Various creatures hunt avidly for the ping-pong ball-like eggs, sometimes waiting for them to mature a bit and then gorging on an entire nest’s contents.  Raccoons particularly love to feast on the eggs, filling themselves to satiety.  A ‘turtle patrol’ group drives over the beach early each morning, hunting for nests and then protecting them with heavy mesh or wire.  Those who live on the beach are asked to extinguish all lights that shine on the water.  Hatching turtles break from their eggs on a night when moon light on the water reveals path to ocean access.  If there are conflicting lights, the tiny turtles may move in the wrong direction, deeper ashore, right into the jaws of waiting predators.  I think of ‘good light’ and ‘bad light’.  St. John speaks so often of Christ who is ‘the light of the world’.  But there are other lights—lights that lead us in the wrong direction, lights that are artificial and dangerous.  I pray, Heavenly Father, that you will help each of us recognize your light of truth and salvation; don’t let us be fooled by the false lights that lead us to peril.


Composting is good for my garden and the planet


Composting is good for my garden and the planet  My husband and I carefully compost all of our vegetable scraps, rarely using the garbage disposal or putting extra burden on our septic tank.  Before we moved to the island, I never composted, simply flushing waste matter down the drain for the garbage disposal.  Here there is no soil, only sand.  The compost we generate is rich in the nutrients my plants and garden require.  What an efficient world you’ve created for us, dear Lord!  What we waste is not really wasted, but now used to help produce what we need.  I thank you for the bounty of this earth and for the bounty that bounty produces, again and again.  Surely your love for us is manifested even in this simple, earthy gift. Amen.