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Marilyn McCann Inspires with Poetry as Well as MusicMarilyn McCann Inspires with Poetry as Well as Music

Our Music Director, Marilyn McCann, also writes songs and poems of praise. This piece is one of her recent works she kindly shared with SGIUMC for our website.


Upon the Cross I gave you my life.
Upon the Cross I called you by name.
Upon the Cross my love for you displayed.
Live in peace.
Your sins are forgiven.

Forgiven by you, Lord. Yes, forgiven by you. I’m claiming my new life. My soul, Lord, forever with you. Filled with your Spirit my lips sing your praise, since now I am living forgiven by you.

At the foot of the Cross
I worship you.
At the foot of the Cross
Your blood claims my soul.
At the foot of the Cross
Faith and hope are renewed since,
I’m forgiven by you.

Forgiven by you, Lord. Yes, forgiven by you. I’m claiming my new
Life. My soul, Lord, forever with you. Filled with your Spirit my lips sing your praise, since now I am living forgiven by you. *


We Have Forgiveness Through His Blood


Another of Marilyn’s poems, “Resting in His Everlasting Arms” was published by the Apalachicola Times in November 2016. That wasn’t the first time she has been published locally. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Times published a poem Marilyn wrote soon after the tragedy, titled “Hallowed Ground.”


* COPYRIGHT Words / Music inspired by and dedicated to the
Holy Trinity by
Marilyn McCann


Beach FunBeach Fun

  What a beautiful day!  A cool wind blowing in from the north flattened the waves and made their meeting with the shore a subdued union.  Despite the cool breeze (I in my jacket, naturally), I watched people in shorts and bathing suits enjoying the sun and the sand, throwing Frisbees, jumping in the wet sand, and fishing at the ocean’s edge.  I love to watch families or individuals at play it lets me witness something simultaneously private and public.  Surely our laughter is part of the godliness that resides in us, a gift Adam and Eve took with them even as they left the Garden. I believe we share God’s delight in His world when we laugh with one another over something as wholesome as the water and the shore.  I can’t help but smile just watching His children celebrating.  I think you, Dear Father, for reminding me that sun, wind, sand and ocean are reason enough to laugh, even when small ills trouble me.  Thank you for the wonderful gift of laughter to celebrate!

When Serving The Salvation Church Isn’t FunWhen Serving The Salvation Church Isn’t Fun

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